The Bazil Meade Experience

The marriage between gospel, blues and soul is at the core of The Bazil Meade Experience.

Bazil takes his funky flavoured gospel style and soul-soaked vocals to give you this spectacular and unforgettable experience.

Performing some of his most loved soul classics written by the likes of Sam Cooke and Otis redding blended in with his own musical story and original pieces, Bazil is undeniably the UK’s own ‘God Father’ of Gospel and Soul.

The Bazil Meade Experience promises to be a moment of inspiration, togetherness and pure musical enlightenment as the true spirit of music fills the room and the hearts of his audience.

Gospel Masterclass Workshop

The Gospel Choir Masterclass is a unique opportunity for you to learn how to blend as a choir, deliver choir dynamics and learn vocal techniques

Bazil has a way of making everyone feel good inside as he teaches you harmonies and empowers each choir to achieve their best sound.

Small group singing;
Gospel solo voice;
Choir Blend; and
How to Harmonise.

His humble attitude, unique voice, and amazing personality, always leaves you wanting more.